Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter diving

Today was a bright, clear day. As the morning sun pulled the water temperature up to 5ºC, my buddy Tue and I dragged ourselves into our black suits. Soon after we were embraced by the green light of the Baltic.

Once again, I looked around the pier at Svanemøllen Beach in search for nudibranches. No luck - nothing but a ton of mussels - which for some reason start growing on me...I think I just like their calm movements and the thought that they keep a good visibility by staying busy filtering the waters of Copenhagen.

Someone´s sleeping beneath the seaweed.

Ouch, I couldn´t resist waking him up...he´s a bit angry so I move on.

All the small stuff (aka fish) are giving me a hard time getting close up with my macro I stick to the slow ones.

Images were shot with a Canon 7d and 60mm macro lens in a Hugyfot underwater housing and the Inon Z-240 strobe (1/200sek; F/10-11 and ISO 320. Strobe power around 1/2 of max output)

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