Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekend getaway to Liseleje

Last weekend it was time to take our little 6 weeks old baby on his first weekend getaway (you can adore him HERE). We searched on and found this lovely ocean-view beach flat in Liseleje just a 45 minutes ride north of Copenhagen.

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The view from the living room was breathtaking. While sitting on the couch and sipping our morning coffee, we could watch a pack of harbour porpoises (small whales) hunting for fish! What a view to wake up to.

Just a 2 minutes walk from our flat and we were at the beach. It didn´t take much to find out that our buggy wasn´t build for detours in the soft sand, so we had to disassemble it and carry the lift with Storm down to the breakwater. The reason to go down there? We had to catch our dinner!

After loading the fishing tackle with herring, all we had to do was wait for a fish to smell the bait... Well, waiting = taking lots of photographs!

I tried to play around with relatively slow shutter speeds in order to blur the sea. The image above was captured by using a tripod, and using a shutterspeed at 4,0 sek / f22 and ISO 100 with a Sigma 10-22mm wide angle lens. If there is much light around (as here), it can be hard to achieve these long shutter speeds without overexposing the image totaly. To avoid this I used a 16x neutral density filter (basically the same effect as you get with a pair of sunglasses).

Finally somebody liked our herring! A decent size flounder swallowed our bait and dinner was secured!

On the beach you can often find "tørrede Jyder", a traditional way of conserving flounders in a salty brine followed by air drying for a couple of days. It is obvious that you need plenty of snaps to enjoy them due to the strong taste and high salt contend... we just prepared our flounder with veggies steamed in white wine... We´ll try the salty version next time!

The sun is setting and I´m heading out with my fishing rod to see if I can catch a sea trout or two. Unfortunately the clouds are so beautiful that all the time reserved for fishing is spent looking throug the lens...