Sunday, 4 November 2012

Late Autumn Colors

A little update from our colorful backyard "Jægersborg Dyrehave". Mornings are getting cooler, red tones are turning into yellow while the roaring ecco of rutting Red deers has ceased.

However, sika- and fallow deers are now busy showing of their antlers and impressing females.
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Compared to its more impressive cusin (-red deer - scroll down a bit), male sika look rather chubby and clumsy... 


It took me some time get a clean shot of this great-spotted woodpecker. Only equipped with a 200mm lens you realize how much reach you are missing to catch these birds. Anyway, my patience was suddenly rewarded as this little fella came down from the canopy and started "pecking" only 20m from me.

I found a good hidden spot from where I hoped get some shots of male fallow deers fighting. It didn´t take long until a pack of males were gathered and started challenging each other. But my timing couldn´t be worse: the ridiculous sound of a toots horn indicated that the annual hubertus hunting (the hunting part is banned, by the way) had begun, and soon after the woods were filled with neon-colored raincoats (with people inside)...

So these poor deers were running around like crazy trying to get away from the noisy crowds...and my photographic opportunities did not increase as a chopper came about to document it all. I sound like a grumpy old man?! Well, it´s because the point of sneaking around in mud dressed up like a tree kind of disappears when you have 20 people in yellow raincoats running up next to you with their little teeny weeny...OK enough for now :-)