Sunday, 17 February 2013

Little family

Time just passes so fast! Not long ago we sat starring on the midwifes computer screen adoring that tiny little man swimming around inside mettes flat sixpac. Its unbelievable, now a few months later our little fellow has grown big and strong, getting himself ready to breathe in the air and say hello to the world. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pizza time lapse

Here´s how you cook a pizza in 36 seconds:

The time lapse was made by taking one pictures every 10 second while making the pizza. After taking 950 pictures, all the frames were put together to a short movie, playing 25 pictures pr. second

Equipment used:
Canon 7d on tripod, Tamron 17-50mm lens, 1/50 sek at F/8,0
Hanel Giga T Pro II set to trigger with 10 sek intervals, takes around 950 shots..
Software: Quicktime Pro

Here is how to do it (not the pizza):
1) Set up your camera on a tripod and set it in manual mode (its probably OK in auto if your not used to manual).

2) Get your exposure right exactly the same way as if you´d take a normal picture.

3) Set your trigger to fire with whatever time-intervals you wish (keep in mind that you need 24-30 shots for each second of movie).

4) Go ahead and do your cooking tricks...or whatever your´e doing :)

5) Open Quicktime Pro on your computer. Go to File, Open Image Sequence and locate your files. Select the first photo in your sequence, choose your frames pr second rate (I chose 25) and hit Open. Quicktime will assemble your files into one large movie.

6) You can now export it as a smaller format if you want.