Thursday, 23 April 2015

Diving Køge Bugt

Spring is in the air and the water temperature has risen to impressive 9C! And the water is crystal clear so we just can´t wait to get into the water (jumps of joy)

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I was looking for the tiny winy stuff as I had my 60mm macro lens attached. The bottom was mostly sand/gravel with small goby´s hiding everywhere. It took some time and breath-holding to sneak in on them.

Wherever you find rocks with algae, you find these small shrimp-like mysids (Praunus flexuosus, I guess). Only 1,5 cm long and almost transparent, they make a challenging subject to photograph while they move around.

A slight current carries me slowly over the seabed and suddenly I come accross this beautiful monster hiding in the sand: a Turbot (Psetta maxima).

What a nice way to start your day!

All images were shot with a Canon 7d and 60mm macro lens in a Hugyfot underwater housing and the Inon Z-240 strobe (1/200sek; F/10-16 and ISO 160-320. Strobe power around 1/2 of max output)

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