Friday, 10 August 2012

Mating bugs and evil eyed wasp

So, as I have a few blog visitors from out of country, I decided to switch to English.. hope the Danish folks don't mind to much..

Had planned to photograph deers the other day, but when I came across this tree feeding flies and wasps with resin, I couldn't resist the temptation of adding my macro lens.. 

However I did not get to many shots, as the wasp seemed to be quite annoyed by the sound of the camera shutter (something I´ve experienced with bumble bees as well - anybody out there having the same experience??). So actually, on the 2nd photo, the wasp is giving me (and not the fly) the evil eye..

A few minutes later I heard a strange "brrrrr-brrrrr" sound being repeated. It took some time to locate these mating tree bugs.. I´ve never seen the love-game of these bugs before, and since they didn´t seem to be bothered by the camera nor the flash, I stayed around for an hour :-) Absolutly incredible!


Equipment: Canon 7D, canon 60mm macro, handheld speedlite 430EX II with Cactus V5 radio triggers to achieve the back-light/shadows (as the shots were taken in full daylight)

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