Saturday, 23 November 2013


It was about time to try out my new underwater housing for my Canon. So my work colleague, Rasmus, arranged a meet-up with his Kayak Polo Team at the local pool. Equipped with mask, snorkel, fins and obviously my camera, I got down beneath the surface...


...only to realize how vulnerable I (and importantly my equipment) was when surfacing for air. Basically, I was trapped in a boiling pot of foaming, paddle-fighting maniacs, so I soon found myself back on the dry and safe edge of the pool again. 

That being said, how cool is this sport!?! A fast paced team game, where brute strength, technique and tactics culminate in a boat-borne battlefield of splashing water.

Visit their webpage to learn more and get exhausted while having a blast!  

So most of the shots were taken from the pool edge, holding the camera down in the water to obtain the surface/underwater split shots.

Equipment used: Canon 7D with Sigma 10-20mm lens in Hugyfot underwater housing. As no flash was used, I had to push the ISO all the way up to 640-1600, leaving the images a bit grainy. Shutter speeds at 1/60 - 1/-120 were used to capture the action without freezing the image completely. To get as much as possible out of the light, I used apertures between F/4.0 and F/5.6. 

Thanks to all the polo-folks for a great day at the pool! I´ve uploaded these and a lot more images from the day here: Ze über cööl Kayak Polo Gallery

I´ll upload a video from the day as well, so stay tuned...

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