Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tree bugging

Yesterdays walk in the park resulted in a new little pet for our flat: A beautiful green tree bug. As we were walking, it landed on my shoulder. Not knowing that it was a photo-enthusiastic biologists shoulder it had landed on...

I took him home to our living room for a small session.

Here our little friend is posing on some green lettuce.
To get the lighting right, I used an external flash (Canon 430EX II with Cactus V duo radiotriggers). A Canon 60mm Macro was used to get up close.  
Shot at 1/250 sek, f/9.0, ISO 320.

The flipside of the bug was revealed by placing the mirror taken from our bathroom. I was quite surprised how cool this actually came out :-)
Shot at 1/250 sek, f/16, ISO 400.

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