Saturday, 15 December 2012

Colourful East London

Last weekend Mette and I spend a few days in London. As I´ve never been to the east before, we took a long walk around this colourful and sparkling part of the city.
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There´s so much street art to see here.. Whenever I went 20m down a little empty street to look at some obscure paintings, I found myself going further 10 meters down the road, twisting my neck around the next corner expecting a new hotchpotch of colours to be thrown into my face. 

The largest Indian population outside India itself, is found in London. More than half a million...even the street names are written in Hindi (thats at least what I think it is) in some areas of East cool is that!! 

I wont´ even think of how the right winged "Danish Peoples Party" would react if a roadsign with a foreign language would dare to find its way into a danish street. We are so patriotic (say ignorant) that we haven´t even managed to set up english signs to guide our non-danish speaking tourists through the busiest train station of Denmark!! 

Anyway, maybe we´ll find our future generations more embracing than ours..enough politics, lets move on to something more important: 

..SHOPPING!! Sneak in through the small open doors along Brick Lane, follow the trails and soon you´ll find yourself standing in funky underground warehouses with all sorts of clothing and outfit.. The famous Spitelfields market is found just round the corner - this is where high street giant All Saints started out with its own little stall.

Walking through East London you´ll find yourself with a constant tingling feeling in your nose. Foodstands with all sorts of spices and tasty, colourful dishes will make your over-stimulated salivary glands go nuts. 


To top up the day we ran into this little festival in Shoreditch - a gathering of all sorts of rebuild campervans serving various food in a great atmosphere. Our last few pounds were well spend on a bowl of delicious curry. We missed out their apparently delicious burgers - but as Mette spotted "The Londoner"-blogger, we had the opportunity to get a virtual taste of them:  



  1. hold fast en masse street art! flotte billeder - jeg er dog lidt skeptisk overfor maden ;)

    1. Ja, det er vældig farverigt..også maden :) Men ingen grund til skepsis - man kunne få smagsprøver inden man købte..og det var vildt lækkert!!